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Decision Scientist

Francis delivers keynote speeches, writes, and leads workshops on decision-making and analytics.

He is a professor of management science and the director of the Center for Decisions, Models and Data at ESMT Berlin.


The power of mental models to make better decisions

We're always told that humans make bad decisions and that more data is better. But this is backwards: people are actually good at decisions because we use mental models and can envision new realities outside of data. Great outcomes don't depend so much on the final moment of choosing but on generating better alternatives to choose among. That's framing. It's a cognitive muscle we can strengthen to improve our lives, work and future—to meet our moment of economic upheaval, social tensions and existential threats. Framers shows how.

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Keynote speeches and workshops for a wide variety of audiences

Francis has worked with founders, business executives and medical doctors all over the world, helping them and their organizations improve their decision-making processes and achieve their goals.  He is a regular speaker in academic and industry forums, and has extensive experience in executive education for non-for-profit organizations and businesses.

framing determines what you see
and what you see determines how you act


Director of the Center for Decisions, Models and Data 

The DMD center is based on the fundamental premise that decision-makers are most effective when they properly leverage their unique ability to model and represent the world. The center explores how individuals and organizations can create and apply better models to infer beyond the data and uncover new courses of actions. Our approach draws from fields as diverse as data science, analytics, cognitive psychology, sociology, and economics.

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