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How to harness mental models to make better decisions — and improve our lives, our work and our future.

'Framers brilliantly shows that mental models are at the heart of creativity, critical thinking and innovation'

Aeron Levie

CEO, Box

'A paean to cognitive agility and the elasticity of the imagination'

The Economist

'A tightly written prescription for smart thinking'

Financial Times 

'Fascinating ... how people can improve the way they think to stay ahead of the machine'

Mustafa Suleyma

co-founder DeepMind

`This sharp book…is an important read—a steady hand for our turbulent times'

Adam Grant

bestselling author of Think Again

'Wonderfully stimulating... will teach you to see around corners'

Tim Harford

bestselling author and FT columnist

`A great book filled with fresh perspectives'

musician, entrepreneur


The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mental models

Framing lets us go beyond the data to see what isn’t there — a powerful cognitive tool for making decisions and attaining our goals.

To Win With AI, Focus On Our Humanity

We can only leverage AI systems to their fullest potential by becoming better at what we’re already good at: being framers.

Framers: Why mental models are humans’ superpower

Frames or mental models enable us to make sense of new situations. They guide the decisions we make and the results we attain. And only humans, not machines, can frame. 

DeepMind's AlphaGo: The age of the machine?

When the machine’s victory over human intuition is total. 

The Theranos Strategy Lesson

Elizabeth Holmes’ fundamental error was in misframing technology startups with deep-tech entrepreneurship. 

Master Machine Learning In Your Workplace (without Draining Your Human Batteries)

How to collaboratively make decisions with a machine.

Controlling The Coronavirus Is Not A Medical Problem

We ignore our effective frameworks for decision-making and leadership at our own peril.


Francis is the author of numerous academic articles in prominent management, analytics and economics journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, American Economics Review and others.

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